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Are presbyopia-correcting IOLs a lot more expensive? Presbyopia-correcting IOLs are more expensive because they cost more for companies to develop and produce, and because advanced surgical skills often are required.Also, extra care must be taken with these lenses to make sure you receive the exact right prescription for your eyes.

Be sure to thoroughly discuss the advantages and risks associated with presbyopia-correcting IOLs with your cataract surgeon at your preoperative exam and consultation.Presbyopia-correcting lenses can expand your range of clear vision, allowing you to see well at all distances with reduced need for eyeglasses.Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about presbyopia-correcting IOLs: Why would I want a presbyopia-correcting IOL for cataract surgery?In Jesus' time Jewish religious leaders had made the Sabbath day unrecognizable from what God intended.They had created rules that made the holy period far more of a burden than a blessing.