Consolidating manufacturing plants

He also found efficiencies in customer sales—the more customers he had, the more efficiently he could run his generators, and the cheaper it was to provide power.

As Insull’s business grew, he was able to find better ways of providing electricity to more and more people.

In the era of modern power plants, coal has always generated more electricity in the U. We also use electricity to power an increasing number of devices.

Our modern electric world began with applications like the telegraph, light bulb, and telephone, and continued with radio, television, and many household appliances.

His inventions came to him faster than the financial capital necessary to carry them out, and Edison preferred to focus on the inventions themselves rather than the paperwork they created. That counterpart arrived in 1881, in the form of a promising 21 year-old from England. Electricity required a different business model because it was different than virtually every other commodity.Edison’s light bulb was one of the first applications of electricity to modern life. Edison’s electric lighting systems were basic by today’s standards but bold at the time—they not only threatened the existing gas lighting industry but radically challenged the status quo by introducing people to an entirely new type of energy.In a few short years, Edison transformed electricity from a science experiment into an exciting, safe, and coveted luxury. Morgan funding his efforts, Edison launched the businesses that would later be known as General Electric.Insull also used high-voltage transmission lines to spread electricity to the suburbs and then to the countryside.Because customers inside and outside cities used power at different times, Insull was able to provide power to both types of customers more efficiently than if he had served them independently.