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(Sharpe's ironic dedication to Riotous Assembly, 1971, which criticised western attitudes in South Africa).

He met with President Zia (a meeting that had been arranged by Joanne Herring), and he visited the Afghan refugee camps and hospitals in northern Pakistan, which were home to approximately 3 million Afghans.9) What sort of books do you think the public are going to read if you don't give them what they want?(The Great Pursuit, 1977) 10) Dedication: The South African police force whose lives are dedicated to the preservation of western civilisation in southern Africa.(Wilt on High, 1984) 6) I have yet to meet a liberal who can withstand the attrition of prolonged discussion of the unessentials.(Porterhouse Blue, 1974) 7) Grub Street, and proud of it. (The Great Pursuit, 1977) 8) I don't consider myself bald, I'm just taller than my hair.