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There’s no patronizing or behaving the way I think a father would treat his children. You even ask the youngest actors who are 10 and 11, “Hey, was that funny?

” You really set the tone and promote us working together.

On the show, Macy is Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic and absentee single father of six, while Rossum embodies his eldest daughter, Fiona, who parents the quirky brood while navigating her 20s.

We sat down with the costars and listened in as they talked about the show’s second season, swear jars, flasks on the red carpet and why other actors are jealous of their current gig.

It goes hand in hand with the crazy sh-t we’re doing on the show. What is it like working with kids on such adult subject matter?

It was a table read, and she had this emotional scene, and she burst into tears and could barely get through the speech.

You tweeted about running naked through Chicago, and you tend to tweet about your ass scenes in general. I think your ass did a great job in the scene last night. No, I’m very — my veins pop out when I get emotional. Emmy told us a while back that you'd purposely eat tuna fish before your love scenes. But there were a couple of weeks where we were really bickering back and forth at each other. It wasn’t my fault.” How well do you think that would go off with the child of an alcoholic like Fiona? It wouldn't go off well, but it’d go off better than it will when she eventually finds out. Do you think anyone’s good for anyone on this show? Yeah, well there is that line in the last episode that they’re everyone’s last glimmer of hope.

You combine that with the style we’re using, which is super realism combined with farce, and it’s a brand-new animal.

One of the things I’ve never told you is that you treat all the actors the same.

How did that compare to shooting regular sex scenes, which you’ve done a lot of on the show?

Like, do you have a sense of how long your character will be around for?