Gloriana cheyenne kimball dating

"As soon as they moved to Nashville, they moved in with me, so they've always been pretty tight knit. We've all either wrote or co-wrote every song on this record.I think as far as our closeness go, we've always been on the same page as far as our music goes." She admits there were some uneasy moments when Kimball left the group, but they quickly realized their musical purpose. It will be titled 'A Thousand Miles Left Behind.'" Tom Gossin says that the sound on the new record is a little different from their debut.

We met Alan Jackson early on, and asked him for advice.

According to Reinert the bond between the three has always been strong.

"I'd say as far as dynamics go, we started out as a three-piece," she says.

Gloriana is an American country music group founded in 2008.

It is composed of brothers Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin (vocals, guitar), as well as Rachel Reinert (vocals, tambourine) and, until July 2011, Cheyenne Kimball (vocals, mandolin).